Baking Time 2

Is baking fun?
so far I do not have any impressive result… It might because of pre-mixed process has taken away the fun part. Let me try to google some recipe.

[Salted Egg Cookies] kekekeke~~~
This is one of the cookies I loved very much from Choisan. She made 2 boxes for me during the Chinese New Year. It was so yummy…. …

Bingo!! I found the exact recipe that Choisan used: Chinese New Year Cookies: Salted Egg Yolk Cookies

Basically, I am a salted egg fan. I hardly find any dishes with salted egg would taste awful, even the bitter gourd. Once upon a time…… bitter gourd would never lied on my tongue. However, salted egg has changed my relationship with bitter gourd (after I tried the fried bitter gourd with salted egg yolks). Since then, I dare not say that “I would never do/try… …” The story may simply change and what it takes  is simply “the RIGHT introduction”…
I did 2 mistakes, forget to buy the sesame. Oh gosh, it would not affect the overall result but it would be greater. Anyway, the weather is so hot  and I have tolerant with the cookies without sesame.
What about the second mistake? When I come back to the website and take a look on CHE-CHEH‘s cookies. Alamak… no wonder it is so soft. I forget about the egg brush at all!!! Again, it would affect much on the end result but the egg brush would bring a thin layer of glaze to the surface.
Argh…… that’s why I am not a baking person. There is not correction steps, no rewind!!!
(Ok, let’s make it perfect next time.)

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