Baking Time 1

I enjoy cooking very much.
This is my perfect way to distress. Chopping and slicing, like performing a solo percussion in the kitchen. On the other hand, the fire brings energy to the pan, and transfer to the ingredient. The ingredients get excited and dancing on the pan. This is how and how much I enjoy cooking.

Therefore, I have been defined myself that I am not a baking person since long long time ago, simply because of I am not patient enough. Baking process is more or less like the process of giving birth. You put all the ingredients together, and you would only know the end result at the end of everything. The excitement is not there? or not enough? May be, I like to take control of the process, dislike the unknown direction.

However, I start baking. Choisan gave me a small oven and she is my baking friend. “I am craving for chiffon cake,” I SMS-ed her. I know that I will get a YES from the other line. She knows my taste, less sugar and less sugar. The original flavors of the flour is tastier, I thought.

I try to be patient. Firstly, I tried those pre-mixed recipe from Betty Crocker. I tried the Oatmeal Choco Cookies. This is really the kindergarten level for baking. Extra oatmeal was added for less sweetness and more nutrition. I did the same thing when I was baking the premixed of Blueberries muffins. It was not turn well, the texture is a bit weird as well.

Anyway, Betty Crocker is not my preferred b’cos most of the pre-mixed are sweet. May be it is time to try my own recipe. .. …


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